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The Kitchen


A captivating voyage that leads into a world of flavors and aromas waiting to be discovered. A place where passion and creativity merge to craft masterpieces. The experience engages sight, taste, and scent, while the palate is embraced by an amalgamation of delightful flavors and enticing aromas.


Sit back and treat yourself to a moment of total relaxation, awaiting an experience that will involve all your senses. Between the majesty of the land and the depth of the sea, between culinary tradition and gastronomic innovation, we offer you a tribute to our territory and the freshness of seasonal products.

identity and territory the tasting path that best represents our philosophy, an itinerary composed of thirteen courses, with each element equipped with a distinct identity, which is manifested through its origin and its link to the territory. each product tells a fascinating and profound story.


8 course tasting the possibility to choose a shorter tasting, with dishes chosen directly by our Chef from those in the identity and territory menu.


6 course tasting funder the guidance of the Chef you can enjoy six of the iconic dishes on our main menu that retain the territorial component of our philosophy.